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Halo is a ~$35mm premium, natural pet nutrition brand with a full line of dry/wet food, treats, and supplements for dogs and cats. Halo pet food is distributed at Chewy, Amazon, Pet Smart, Petco, Target.com, and select grocery retailers. As one of the leaders in the macro ‘humanization of pets’ trend, Halo is positioned for explosive growth.

Since 1986, Halo has been a pioneer, and remains one of the few pet food brands to utilize ethically and sustainably sourced whole meat, poultry, and fish.  Whole meat, poultry, and fish optimize digestibility, and maximize nutrients the body can retain. Halo products do not include ‘meal,’ or highly processed animal parts. Meal is heated at extremely high temperatures to create a powder, and is not fit for human consumption. Most pet food brands include meal in their products due to it being inexpensive. The low-quality protein characteristics of meal directly translate to low nutrition retention capacity for your pet.

Halo is among an exclusive group of pet food brands that are certified by the Global Animal Partnership. G.A.P.’s Animal Welfare Certified label confirms that animals are raised humanely, are not subject to antibiotics or hormones, and are fed an animal byproduct free vegetarian diet. Halo is also a certified partner of the Marine Stewardship Council, which verifies seafood is wild-caught, sustainably sourced, and traceable. MSC is the leading global wild fishery certification to offer ocean to plate traceability and supply chain certification. Halo uses non-GMO ingredients.



TruDog is a ~$15mm ultra-premium, boutique, direct-to-consumer brand that offers raw freeze-dried dog food, toppers, treats, and supplements. With the macro, ‘humanization of pets’ trend, TruDog is positioned for not only sustainable growth, but also to become the leader in the raw freeze-dried segment. TruDog is a collection of lovingly crafted foods, treats, toppers, and supplements that support dog wellness (We even have cleansing and grooming products). Our feeding philosophy mimics the holistic, raw food dog diet that Mother Nature intended…wholesome and honest.   All of our wholesome raw dog food products start with high-quality meats and organs. From there, they are freeze-dried using a proprietary process that holds on to the enzymes, and amino and fatty acids that keeps cells healthy, and digestion highly functioning. Trudog is proud that our products are made in the USA, USDA certified, and free from the toxic fillers used to add bulk to most commercially processed pet foods.

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